Relaxing Set

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It can be difficult to relax these days. With constant stimulation from physical surroundings and the virtual world, it can be a challenge to pause and just relax. But it can be extra challenging if you’re going through a tough time or any emotional upheaval. So if you have a friend, relative, or neighbor going through rough days, you can step up and offer solace. You can do it with a simple gift like the relaxing set—a curated bundle full of soothing items.

The relaxing set contains:

  • sleep tea blend made with relaxing chamomile & valerian root
  • hydrating lotion infused with cucumber
  • weighted silk sleep mask to help your loved one get some shut-eye

Our team has curated this bundle to help you offer comfort and care to a loved one even when you’re far away. You can even include a short message. Write in the box on this page, so we can print it and place it inside the set. We’ve also carefully handpicked the packaging for this gift of solace as we want your sister, friend, or colleague to feel a burst of happiness & love the moment they receive it.