Comfort Collection

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When your loved one is grieving or going through a breakup, sudden unemployment, or other forms of deep sorrow, all you want is to give them a warm embrace. But, in reality, you can’t always be there beside them physically. Fortunately, you can send a gift of solace through this comfort collection. It’s a box of items that can make them smile, even if just for a while.  The comfort collection includes:

  • cashmere blanket scarf for a sense of warmth and embrace
  • experiential coloring journal to help them relax for a bit
  • set of colored pencils to make their journaling vibrant
  • sleep tea blend made with valerian root & chamomile
  • glass tea infuser so they can bring their calming tea anywhere
  • tissue packet for times they need to cry things out 
  • milky face cleanser infused with fragrant lavender & orange blossom
  • wildflower seed paper to serve as a reminder that life and love continue to grow even after a loss

This collection comes with short instructions to guide the recipient on how to best use each element. Want to send a quick message? You can do so by filling out the box on this page. We’ll print it and place it beautifully inside the package so they can feel your love even more.