Brightening Set

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Brighten your loved one’s day with a simple gift of solace. This brightening set includes three items to help soothe their body and mind. We’ve curated this set to help you offer them comfort even when you’re far away. This gift could be just exactly what your friend needs to get through a rough day and face the next one braver. The brightening set contains:

  • refreshing tea blend made with peppermint, elderflower and orange peel
  • full body toner made with aloe, lactic acid, white grapefruit oil, and witch hazel
  • white jade serenity stone engraved with the phrase “still I rise” to help bring calmness to any space and remind your loved one of the beauty of life

Bringing some light into another’s dark time is tough, but we’re here to help you achieve that. You can send the brightening set to a friend along with a short message. Write your message in the box on this page. Then, we will print your note and place it inside the set. The set is also beautifully packaged to make your friend, sister, or colleague flash a smile the moment they receive it.